LCP-actions by smart people: Alex Guyot

x-callback-url schemes

Launch Center Pro for iPad by Contrast is one of my favorite apps on my iPad. With LCP you can chain installed apps on your iPad into one workflow. Apps with x-callback-url schemes like Due, Drafts, Editorial, Fantastical2, Gmail, Notesy, Plink, TextExpander, et cetera[1] can all interact with each other to enhance your productivity.

Smart People

It's easy and fun to create your own actions with LCP, thanks to the action composer and the pre-installed actions.
But smart people on the web can help you enhance your knowledge in how to use LCP with their actions. In this article we will introduce an excellent exponent of this category.

Alex Guyot

In Automating iOS: A Comprehensive and Updated Guide to Launch Center Pro Alex Guyot wrote 'the ultimate guide' for LCP. He published his article on the popular website from Federico Viticci. If you look at the Table of Contents you understand why I used the word ultimate:

Table of Contents

  • URL Schemes and Actions
  • Drafts and Launch Center Pro
  • The Basics
  • The Action Editor
  • The Action Composer
  • Keyboard Prompts and Other Variables
  • Icons
  • Location Triggers
  • Moving and Sharing
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Manually Building Actions
  • The Launch Center Pro URL Scheme
  • Launch Center Pro x-callback-url Support
  • Fun With Prompts
  • Other Input Tags, Attachments, and Lists
  • Percent-Encoding
  • The Launch Center Pro URL Handler
  • The [action:ID] Tag
  • Using [action:ID] for Recursion
  • LC-Callbacks
  • Building Bigger Action Chains
  • “Headless” Actions and Bookmarklets
  • Integrating With Drafts, Pythonista, and Editorial
  • Wrap Up

An example of one of his chained actions for LCP:


If Launch Center Pro is installed on your iPad, you can install the action here.

Alex is also known for his actions for the app Drafts which actions you can find on his Action Page.

© Frank van Exter

  1. See a complete list here  

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