The Swiss Army Knife For Productivity: Drafts

The Switchboard

One of my must-have apps on iOS is Drafts. The app is initially meant as a note-taking app, but due to it's ability to process the content to numerous other servicee, you can label it as a Swiss Army Knife for productivity or a Switchboard.
In Drafts you can find a lot of pre-defined actions1 by developer Greg Pierce from Agile Tortoise, as well as an Action Directory: A repository of ready to install actions.

Alex Guyot has also developed some smart actions for Drafts, which actions you can download on his Action Page.
To understan the full potential of Drafts, it's strongly recommended to read Automating iOS: A Comprehensive Guide to URL Schemes and Drafts Actions, also by Alex Guot and published on

Custom actions

It's nice to know that you can define:
– e-Mail Actions
– Message Actions
– Dropbox Actions
– Google Drive Actions
– Evernote Actions
– URL Actions

There is also the ingration of TextExpander.

© Frank van Exter

  1. Actions extend Drafts to integrate with other apps and the web. 

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