8 Reasons to Love Drafts 4

8 Reasons to Love Drafts 4


Drafts 4 is a major update, released as a separate app. I’d suggest you read [Alex Guyot’s] (http://twitter.com/The_Axx) excellent review in MacStories. He covered many things that highlight why Drafts 4 is such a great update.

To keep my review brief, I’d also suggest you to read the official release notes. It should give you an overview of all the new things in Drafts 4. I will briefly mention some of my favorite additions that I won’t cover in details here:

  • Markdown syntax highlighting
  • New Markdown processor tag
  • Access to all iOS fonts, including the user-installed ones
  • Arrange mode a la Phraseology
  • Version history for modifications that allows you to rollback to a particular version
  • Location tracking for notes creation and modification which is also accessible via the new tags: [[longitude]], [[latitude]], [[created_longitude]], [[created_latitude]], [[modified_longitude]], and [[modified_latitude]]
  • iCloud/CloudKit sync covering both drafts and actions
  • Sort notes by last accessed date, created date, or modified date
  • Track the geo-locations for each note
  • Deeper integration with Evernote by generating raw ENML markup
  • The new dark theme
  • iOS 8 Today’s View widget
  • iOS 8 Document Picker which allows you to pick documents from Dropbox, iCloud, and other providers (e.g. Box)

With those out of the way, I will now focus on the ones that I will cover in more details.

Link: http://www.geekswithjuniors.com/note/8-reasons-to-love-drafts-4.html


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