Three things for Drafts 4

Three things for Drafts 4

by Dr. Drang

Greg Pierce at Agile Tortoise released Drafts 4 yesterday, and it’s a doozy. A new look and many new features, especially for those of us who like programmable tools. Brett Terpstra has threatened to port a bunch of his Markdown stuff to Drafts, and Gabe Weatherhead has already dipped his toes into the new JavaScript system for adding scriptable buttons to the keyboard. If you want a more conventional review of all the new features, Alex Guyot has a good one in the usual comprehensive MacStories style. I’m just going to show a few things I’ve done today as I explore the new things Drafts 4 can do.

First, there’s the Web Capture Template. Drafts 4 comes with a sharing action that lets you quickly create a new draft from the web page you’re viewing in Safari. The three components it’ll capture are the page’s title, its URL, and whatever text you may have selected on the page. This is a great way to collect information during online research, and it’s also a quick way to make a link post for a blog. I don’t do much link posting here, but with a handy tool like the Web Capture Template, I might do more.

Read the article here.


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