LCP-actios by smart people: Phillip Gruneich

X-callback-url schemes

Launch Center Pro for iPad by Contrast is one of my favorite apps on my iPad. With LCP you can chain installed apps on your iPad into one workflow. Apps with x-callback-url schemes like Due, Drafts, Editorial, Fantastical2, Gmail, Notesy, Plink, TextExpander, et cetera[1] can all interact with each other to enhance your productivity.

Smart People

It's easy and fun to create your own actions with LCP, thanks to the action composer and the pre-installed actions.
But smart people on the web can help you enhance your knowledge in how to use LCP with their actions. In this article we will introduce an excellent exponent of this category.

Phillip Gruneich

Launch Center Pro actions:

  • Groceries After Work;
  • ClouDrop Email;
  • Send Image with Command-C;
  • Tasks to Listacular;
  • Multi-search;
  • Scan and Send to Device
  • Call & SMS;
  • Compare Text;
  • Scan to Apps;
  • Reminders for Later;
  • Images to Mac with Quality 80;
  • Master TextTools.

Read the original and detailed article here.

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