Transmit for iOS 8 Review

Transmit for iOS 8 Review – MacStories

by Federico Viticci

Today, I spend most of my days on my iPad mini writing, doing research for MacStories and Relay, replying to people on Twitter and email, or taking meetings on Skype. I automate a lot of my daily tasks, but I’ve never found a solution I was happy with to upload images to my server and easily insert them as HTML links in my articles. In spite of building an entire workflow to handle screenshot generation and preparation, I struggle at the most basic level – getting files from the iOS’ Camera Roll onto my remote server and back into plain text.

Transmit is Panic’s mobile adaptation of the popular desktop client, which allows you to manage transfers for FTP/SFTP/WebDAV and more with a full-featured file browser interface for uploads and downloads. It was clear to me when Apple announced iOS 8 at WWDC that new technologies would open up the possibilities we see in apps like Transmit today, but trying them in action as final products on an iPhone or iPad still manages to impress.

Before iOS 8, there were quite a few FTP clients on the App Store, but none of them could be as integrated, native, and transparent as Transmit is. There are still trade-offs involved with porting Transmit to iOS 8, but the gap between the app’s desktop and mobile experience is now significantly narrower. I’d even argue that because of iOS 8 and its new system integrations, I prefer Transmit on iOS.

Read the whole review here.


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