Exploring Evernote’s x-callback-url

Exploring Evernote’s x-callback-url

Text by Phillip Gruneich

It came to my attention last month that Evernote enabled many actions via Launch Center Pro, including x-callback-url support. What’s impressive about this implementation is how the Evernote team were meticulous to empower its users with great control over parameters.

Over the years, Evernote became more than a web clipper or a rich-text note editor, it expanded to support reminders, presentations and the list keeps growing. The new Evernote URL scheme is perfect for quick input as it offers different types of note for the user to select on the go, although existing note manipulation is non-existent.

There are two available actions: new-note and new-clipped-note, the former covers most note formats and the latter is dedicated to web clipping. The new-note action uses the type parameter to set the kind of note. Besides the type attribute, the new-note action also supports title, text, reminderdate, latitude and longitude.

Every note format supports the aforementioned parameters but text, which is interpreted according to the kind of note. Here’s the list of note formats and how they handle the text parameter:

  • text: A regular note, parses the homonymous parameter as plain text;
  • camera: Opens Evernote on the camera and attach the picture taken to the note. Parses text as plain text;
  • photos: Prompts for photos in the Camera Roll. Selected images are attached to the note. Parses text as plain text;
  • list: Starts a to-do list. Parses text as the first task. No, you can’t create multiple tasks from the URL scheme;
  • reminder: Creates a reminder. Ignores the text parameter;
  • audio: Records an audio note and is awesome. Parses text as plain text;

Read the while article here, including a smart JavaScript (send HTML to Evernote) for Drafts 4.


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