8 Reasons to Love the New Workflow App

8 Reasons to Love the New Workflow App for iOS – Productivity and Workflows – Geeks With Juniors

Text and workflows by Eric Pramono

1. Workflow is Easy to Create

Workflow is designed to help you create automation workflows visually and easily. You don’t need to understand how URL Schemes and x-callback-url work to create your own workflow. Everything is drag and drop. And, it can support as many actions as you want to include in the workflow.

If you install the app for the first time, you will be greeted with a nice tutorial that will guide you through the features. As a bonus, you get to create a cool workflow that lets you create a GIF from three or more photos that you just took with your camera.

The app has two main tabs: My Workflows and Gallery. The first tab consists of all workflows that you have created. And, the second tab consists of all workflows that are available in the official Workflow Gallery. These are workflows created by the developers to showcase the app and some user submissions that the developers decided to feature.

To create a new workflow, tap the + button on the top right corner of the My Workflows tab. Then, you can switch to the Actions tab to select which action you’d like to add first. Workflow includes plenty of actions, grouped into several categories such as Calendar, Contacts, Documents, Maps, Music, and Photo & Video. Tapping the category will show all available actions within that category.

To learn more about an action, tap the action name. Workflow will show the action description underneath, complete with the kinds of input data that it can receive and the kinds of output data that it will produce. For example, in the sample workflow, a Make GIF action receives various input data (such as images), and produces a GIF file.

To select the action, drag it to the right hand side of the screen. The app will automatically navigate you to the Workflow tab and let you drop it on any part of the workflow sequence. Some actions may have parameters that you can set, such as how many photos you want to take or which phone number you want to select. Once you’re done, you can go back to the Actions tab and select the next action you want to include in your workflow.

To test your workflow, simply tap the Play button on the top of the screen. It will go through all the actions that you have put into the sequence. You can stop at anytime by tapping the Stop button. And, once you’re done testing, tap the Done button to return to the list of workflows you have created.

You can change the name and icon associated with each workflow by tapping on the Settings gear icon inside each workflow. Then, you can choose whether to have the workflow accessible from within the app, make a shortcut on your Home Screen, or even inside Launch Center Pro.

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