Stacks Converts Currencies Inside iOS 8

Powered By Extensions, Stacks Converts Currencies Inside iOS 8′s Safari – MacStories

Text by Federico Viticci

I live in Italy, but MacStories’ audience is primarily US-based, which has posed a few interesting problems over the years. One of them1 has been the constant conversion between currencies: I get paid in US Dollars, but I need to convert to Euros for my bank account; or, I often need to purchase products sold in USD, and I have to find the equivalent in my currency. I’ve now learned how to calculate currency conversions quickly by myself, and, obviously, I’ve tried a number of currency converters on the App Store. Lately, I switched to PCalc as my go-to calculator and currency/unit converter thanks to its custom keys.

Stacks 2.0, developed by WapleStuff (the same creators of Calzy), takes advantage of iOS 8’s new Extensibility features to provide one of the most unique and convenient ways to convert currencies I’ve ever tried. Stacks 2.0 integrates with Safari, using an action extension to convert currencies directly in a webpage you’re looking at.

As an app, Stacks 2.0 is a polished currency converter that, however, offers more or less the same features of other similar apps: it’s Universal, its design is minimal, and there are two widgets to convert currencies in Notification Center or display a list of denominations. Thanks to PCalc, I’ve realized that I don’t really need a full-blown currency converter on my Home screen – I can create a couple of custom buttons for my most used conversions, and let Google do the rest for me when I need other conversions. I like that Stacks shows historical data for currency exchanges, though – especially because it means I don’t have to look up that data on a mobile-unfriendly financial website.

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