Tips for Drafts 4

Greg Pierce – the developer of Drats 4 – is communicating tidbits (little pieces of information) about his new app on Twitter. For your convenience you will find them all1 here:   
– TIP: Keys to move to previous/next line:


Next:<witter action steps have templates. Set up extra actions to autoinclude #hashtags or Emoji you use often.

  • No need to reach for those draft/action buttons, just swipe anywhere to show slide out lists.      

  • Evernote actions now send location to Evernote and can generate raw ENML for advanced uses.

  • Import from any iOS 8 document extension (DB, Box, etc.) if you tap and hold on the “+” button.;

  • Want more space, and less distraction when typing? Try the “Hide toolbar while editing” setting.

  • Want to keep up w/ new actions for Drafts? The directory has RSS feeds:  

  1. This page will be updated when new tidbits are tweeted by @draftsapp.TIP: Don’t see your favorite font in Drafts? Install it on your iOS device and it will be available.;


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