Schemes — URL Actions, Finally Simplified

Text and screenshot by Phillip Gruneich (One Tap Less).  

Let me share a secret with you: url encoding sucks. Some actions I post rely on verbose urls, undecipherable code you just ignore and seek for the button to install the action and call it a day. If you ever tried, you know it is hard and inevitably down to trial and error, but those days are over. Schemes is an interface to build url actions with drag and drop, just throw apps in the canvas and link them in any order to build workflows from the simplest to the most complex imaginable.

Upon iOS 8 announcement, I assumed the days of x-callback-url were over in favor of native extensions. Apart from remarkable integrations, such as 1Password, the new feature didn’t knock me off my boots. Then came Workflow and proved there was still room for automation on iOS and it nailed by being as powerful as it is simple.

Making url actions appeal to regular users has always been an itch for developers, The latest releases of [Launch Center Pro][4] and [Drafts][5], for example, brought many interfaces to what previously would only be achievable with cumbersome urls. Schemes is the interface to tie all these apps together and build url actions as easy as you draw a mind map.

Read the whole article here.


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