The Photo Message Gun With 

Text by Gabe Weatherhead (MacDrifter)

This is another example of using to turn tedium into simplicity (see [this recent post][1] for other examples). It also demonstrates the control flow actions.

Here’s the user story: I like to send photo messages to people but I really don’t need (or want) to use group messaging if they don’t know each other. Being forced to compose the same message multiple times usually means I leave some people out. I want to write a message once, attach some photos, and send it in one go.

Repetitive tasks like this are prime for automation. Let’s fire up Workflow for iOS and solve this problem.

We start by asking for some input. First we ask for a photo and then immediately save that to a variable for later. We follow up by asking for a text message that will be sent to everyone and add that to the same variable.

Read the whole article here.


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