10 great ways to put Workflow to work  


Text and screenshots by Timothy Reavis: Source

If you’re a fan of automation in iOS and continuously strive to make common tasks easier, you’ve probably already been introduced to Workflow, an incredible app that enables users to create workflows, or recipes of tasks for the app to perform when invoked. The potential of this tool is incredibly far-reaching, and this article explores a few ways in which Workflow can be a must-have app.
Remind Me To
This is one of a couple workflows featured here that was created by yours truly. Made with the intention of being customizable by anyone who downloads it, Remind Me To displays a list of preset reminders that you find yourself repeatedly adding to your to-do list – things like picking up milk or emailing a report – and tapping the one you want instantly adds it to Reminders.app. You can choose to add multiple reminders at a time, or turn that functionality off if it’s speed you want, and there’s also an option for adding a custom reminder directly from the workflow to keep things unified.
While the linked template is set up to use iOS’s stock Reminders app, it can easily be modified to support Fantastical or Clear, if you’re a fan. Additionally, some minor modifications can allow specific preset reminders to be added with a due date or other metadata. Tweak this to suit your preference, and it can quickly streamline your frequently-added reminders.
**Shorten URL**
I frequently find myself tweeting interesting links I run across or emailing them to a friend, but quite often the URL is a long, messy glob of text that is simply ugly. The obvious answer is a URL shortening service, but having to fire up Safari or find the service’s app is cumbersome. However, there’s a ‘flow for that, which makes the task of shortening a URL and copying it to your clipboard a much simpler process, and it conveniently works both from inside the Workflow app and from the Safari extension. Consider modifying it to pull up a share sheet if that better to you.
**View Source**
If you’re a web developer or if you deal with the source code of webpages at all, this is an excellent workflow to add to your collection. When browsing in Safari, invoking View Source from the share sheet displays the current webpage’s source code in a Quick Look view and gives the options to share the code through your available channels, or save it to iCloud Drive for future access on any of your devices.
Read the whole article and more examples of workflows here.

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