Taking Meeting Notes on my iPad using Workflow and Drafts

Text by Ben Kemal on Paperless Space  

I spend a lot of time in meetings at work. While I try to keep meetings brief and ideally no more than 30 minutes, meetings still make up a large part of my day. I want to make sure time spent in meetings is effective and people don’t forget what was discussed and agreed. I decided to try and make the process of recording meeting minutes faster by using my iPad.

The benefits of this approach over traditional paper-based note-taking include:
* Using the Workflow app I can quickly populate a meeting note template using information from the meeting calendar invite including the meeting title, agenda, date/time and attendees

  • Notes can be archived to Evernote and retrieved via search when needed, rather than rummaging through 100’s of pages in a notebook

  • I have access to all my notes on the go from my iPhone, iPad or Laptop

  • I can quickly email my notes to participants straight after the meeting

The Workflow

This workflow uses the information in a calendar invite to populate a meeting note template in Drafts
1. The workflow will first prompt you to select an event from your calendar. By default it is set to display the next 10 events for you to select from.

  1. Using information from the selected calendar event, a note is created in Drafts ready for you to start taking notes. The information that is copied from the calendar invite includes:

    * Event title

    * Date/time

    * Event description

    * Attendees, including identifying people that declined
Read the whole article here and get the workflow!  


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