Keys For Writers In Drafts


Text, workflows and actions by Phillip Gruneich  

As I use Drafts further more, I built actions to aid my writing. In this article I’ll share 4 actions I use all the time whenever I write in Drafts.
Two years ago was probably the first time I heard of x‑callback‑url. It was the most remarkable, at least, with an article on MacStories in which Viticci chained 4 apps. He swiftly moved information between them, starting with a bookmarklet in Safari and bouncing into Drafts, then Due and returning to Safari afterwards. Seeing what an empowered iOS user could achieve mesmerized me.
Two or three years ago, I got my degree in film. I wanted to be a screenwriter since the beginning of the course and I graduated as one, with a script written in a syntax developed by John August, Nima Yousefi and Stu Maschwitz called Fountain. Screenwriting has a strict formatting rules and used to require either expensive (Final Draft) or bloated (Celtx) software; Fountain took the game to plain text.
Who could forecast I’d be posting a bookmarklet halfway through 2015? I thought they would be dead upon iOS 8. Simone de Rochefort wanted iOS to recognize when a post is from Tumblr and allow her to open it in the app. I wrote a bookmarklet to trigger that and it gets the job done.
Matteo Cappadonna moved his blog to Jekyll and hosted with GitHub Pages. Now he reports how he publishes new articles on iOS. He writes on Drafts and uploads his posts with Working Copy, a git client with x-callback-url. Workflow ties everything together. Check it out.
Mike Schmitz wrote a detailed guide to Workflow at Asian Efficiency. The tutorial covers the steps to build your first workflow and links to great material to get your groove going.  

Read the rest of the article on One Tap Less  


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