Using Action Sets in Drafts 4

Text and screenshots by Frank van Exter  
Article by Tim Nahumck
I’m using Drafts quite a long time, but never as my primary note taking app. I use Editorial for all my blog writing, due to the many workflows I can use to enhance my productivity. But the last update of Editorial was in June 2015, so the app is lacking in support for iOS 9. Furthermore, the keyboard takes a lot of place on my iPad.  

 So, for short notes taking, I was looking for an alternative for to the native Notes app from Apple. Two articles came recently to my attention:  


 – Getting Drafts Right for 2016 from Gabe Weatherhead, in which he reviews his setup for Drafts 4. You find in his article helpful tips & tricks when getting started with Drafts.  


 – The article from Tim Nahumck

Using Action Sets in Drafts describes how to avoid the clutter in the Action Menu in Drafts. This took my interest for my short notes taking.

Drafts has long been in my dock. It is the essential start for almost all of my text: messages, emails, Tweets, notes, post ideas, etc. All start there, and go somewhere else, thanks to the power behind the app’s simplistic interface.
To reduce the overwhelming amount of actions, I have found something that worked for me — using a method to shrink the Action Lists, while still having a large number of actions available.

Action Sets

Enter Action Sets. I define an action set as a single Drafts action that presents a menu of actions to choose from, then runs that selected action with your current Draft.
The developer, AgileTortoise, originally posted an action called “Select Action” where he demonstrates the concept with 2 built-in actions how this can be used. It is a simple 2-step action:
1. Prompt:  

The spot where you list the actions you want to be grouped into a set.

  1. URL:  

Read the whole article from Tim Nahumck 



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