Late Thoughts on iOS 9 and x-callback-url

Late Thoughts on iOS 9 and x‑callback‑url

If productivity on iOS have been of interest to you, you should pay attention to the articles of Phillp Gruneigh on One Tap Less.
Among other things, he gives special attention to x-callback-urls, these handy tools to interact with your apps on your iDevice.
Among a lot of other apps, the recent update of the writing app Ulysses with url-schemes, will emphasize the importance of url-schemes. In this article Phillip will reflect on this subject.

Two years ago was probably the first time I heard of x‑callback‑url. It was the most remarkable, at least, with an article on MacStories in which Viticci chained 4 apps. He swiftly moved information between them, starting with a bookmarklet in Safari and bouncing into Drafts, then Due and returning to Safari afterwards. Seeing what an empowered iOS user could achieve mesmerized me.

Fast-forward to the present and Apple is, in many’s opinion, dooming x‑callback‑url with its newest approach to URLs. Doom-mongers should have arrived sooner, though, since most of measures Apple took that could knock x‑callback‑url off were implemented in iOS 8 with Extensions. I predicted that a native alternative would appeal to developers and cause the decline of x‑callback‑url implementations in new apps.

Maintaining the x‑callback‑url Library has been my front row ticket to this downturn, as the number of new apps with x‑callback‑url support drastically decreased in the past year. Meanwhile, Workflow ascended as the de facto automation app and the landscape gained new contours.

### Read the rest of the article here.


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