22 New Links for @WorkflowHQ I found this week (25) on Twitter @BestWorkflows

One of my best apps for productivity is Workflow. With Workflow you can step-by-step automate your workflows in iOS 8/9 .
I’m not a code-guy, so for smart workflows I refer to the input of smart people, like Federico Viticci1, Erik Pramono 2, Phillip Gruneich3, Cam Brennan4, Timothy Reavis5, Paul Ciano6 and others.
To help other people like me, I did some research on Twitter, where you can find workflows from Workflow users.

I found these links on Twitter and I didn’t tested them. I do not know if they are working or if they are useful. You have to found out this by yourself…

Links from December 2015

Links from January 2016

Links from February 2016

Links from March 2016

Links from April 2016

Links from May 2016




8 Great Examples and a Tutorial

Workflow 1.5.1, now with IFTTT


All Time Favorites

  1. Federico Viticci:: Deeper iOS Automation 
  2. Erik Pramono : 8 Reasons to Love the New Workflow App for iOS 
  3. Phillip Gruneigh: Workflow automation for everyone 
  4. Cam Brennan: Some of my favorite workflows 
  5. Timothy Reavis: My favorite Workflows 
  6. See the tutorials from Paul Ciano here.  

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