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iOS 8 Messages

iOS 8 Messages: Our Review – MacStories

Text and screenshot by Federico Viticci

Messages for iOS 8 is a feature packed update to what Apple claims is “the most-used app on iOS”. More than simple features, however, Messages for iOS 8 represents a fundamental change in the way Apple wants us to view interacting with friends through our devices. From voice messages to quick camera shortcuts to integration of a simplified Find My Friends in the new Details view for conversations, Apple wants Messages to be about more than just text.

Visual, textual, auditory, and (for lack of a better word) geographical. Messages now spans four mediums of communication, enabling interactions with friends and family to become far more personal and information-rich. Telling someone about a concert you’re at? Instantly send them a quick photo or video from the performance. Need to console or congratulate someone close to you? Speak it and let the recipient hear all the emotion conveyed through voice. Running late to meet a friend? Share your location for an hour so they can see how close you are. And of course, if it’s a text message that best fits your needs, you can certainly still send those too, just as easily as ever.

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