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My favorite RSS-reader

For the power users on iOS is – in my opinion – Mr.Reader the most advanced productivity tool in his category for workflow automation. There are tons of pre-figures workflows and the possibility to create them by yourself. There is even the possibility to activate Java-scripts.
The one I missed (yet) is the action to post title, URL and (selected) text to my favorite markdown writer Editorial for iPad.
And as usual, the app Drafts for iPad offers the proper solution to chain the three apps together. Let's see how.

The script for Mr.Reader



ᔥ }%5B{[SOURCE]}%5D{([URL])


Choose [TEXT-SELECTED] if you want to paste a selection of text.

The script for Drafts: ClipboardLaunch

drafts://x-callback-url.com/create?text=[[draft]]&action={{Copy to Clipboard}}&afterSuccess=Delete&x-success={{editorial://new/[[Title]].txt?root=dropbox&command=Paste}}

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