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Parsing natural language in Drafts 4

Parsing natural language in Drafts 4

by Phillip Gruneich

Drafts 4 is out, it is everything you expected and all the cool kids are talking about it. The new feature I was most excited about is the introduction of Javascript into actions, which could solve a couple of issues I had over the years.

If you ever used Fantastical or Due, you know that natural language parsing is better than chocolate. Now I want you to count how many task managers you know that implement natural language parsing. Exactly, none.

I find frustrating that even smothered by options, several of them directed to power users, NLP is still an improbable feature request to most. So I built one.

Some acknowledgements first, I’m a Javascript rookie and I’m aware of some poor practices in the script. It parses a few string possibilities, definitely not all. This is the kind of “you break, you pay” kind of deal, I won’t be able to cover your use case if it breaks the script as it probably would require diving into regular expressions and I need a break from those.

This nifty script for Drafts 4 parses natural language (NLP) into the following aps:

  • Reminder to GoodTask;
  • Task to Things;
  • Task to 2Do;
  • Task to Firetask.

You will find the install links in Phillip’s article.
However, if you don’t use these apps, you can still play with NLP’s through this action.

Read the whole article here.