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Swipe Right To Preview More

Cool iOS Detail: Swipe Right To Preview More While Searching Photos | iPad Insight

Text and screenshot by iPad Insight

Here’s a little Photos app detail that I hadn’t noticed until I’d loaded my iPad with enough photos that I actually had to use the search function to find what I was looking for. When you search for a set of photos — by describing an album name, place, or date — the Photos app will show a single thumbnail to represent each search result it displays. Tapping on a single set of search results will load up a filtered view that shows only the relevant pictures. However, if you swipe right on the search results, you’ll see that you can actually “peek” into more of the results without having to tap on any of them. It’s a nice easy way to quickly sample more of the results without having to reset your search.

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Launch Center Pro Actions 1

x-callback-url schemes

Launch Center Pro for iPad by Contrast is one of my favorite apps on my iPad. With LCP you can chain installed apps on your iPad into one workflow. Apps with x-callback-url schemes like Due, Drafts, Editorial, Fantastical2, Gmail, Notesy, Plink, TextExpander, et cetera1 can all interact with each other to enhance your productivity.

Launh Center Pro

LCP helps me to automate a lot of tasks with one or two taps. It's simple to learn, with pre-installed actions to give you a start. There are also actions for LCP you can find on the internet by Googling tem or via Twitter.
The last update includes the use of lists, which is very helpful to organize more actions under one label. This simple example for enoding or decoding text I found on the internet:

[list:Encode or Decode?|Encode=launch://x-callback-url/clipboard?text=[prompt:Text]&x-success={{launch://clipboard/convert?format=urlencode}}|Decode=launch://x-callback-url/clipboard?text=[prompt:Text]&x-success={{launch://clipboard/convert?format=urldecode}}]

If Launch Center Pro is installed on your iPad, you can install the action here. To test the action, copy the text to the Clipboard.

Make your own lists

It's more fun to make your own lists, by examining the basic principles of making a list. This one is for adding photo's to social media, a message or an e-Mail:

[list: Photo Actions|Select Photo to Tweet=launch://tweet?attach=photo|Use Camera to Tweet=launch://tweet?attach=photo:camer|Select Photo for Facebook=launch://facebook?attach=photo|Use Camera updating Facebook=launch://facebook?attach=photo:camera|Select Photo for Message=launch://messaging?attach=photo|Use Camera for Message=launch://messaging?attach=photo:camera|Select Photo for e-Mail=launch://email?attach=photo|Use Camera for e-Mail=launch://email?attach=photo:camera]

If Launch Center Pro is installed on your iPad, you can install the action here.

You can adapt the action by adding or deleting items. All items are separated by an | on the list..

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  1. See a complete list here