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Upload images with Plink

Markdown links for images

When you write your text in Markdown, most likely you want occasionaly insert an image into your text.
The Markdown-syntax for an image from the web is:


In a couple of apps – like my favorite writing-app Editorial – you can insert the url through a workflow by adressing the internal browser of the app.
But inserting a photo from your Camera Roll or your Photo Library is a different story.

Workarounds for your iOS Photo Library

To insert Markdown-url's from your Photos you have to use an other app, like CloudApp, ClooDrop fo Cloudapp or Plink – Automated Image Uploader.
Plink is not only the most recent app, it's also the most intelligent app to upload your images from your Photo Library. Last but not least it's has a minimalistic interface and it's free!

In the Settings from Plink you can choose from Default App and from Default Format:

  • Default App
    Jeff Mueller – the developer of Plink – knows how people are writing their texts. If you want to upload your image, you want to do it with as few taps as possible. That's why Plink offers you the possibility to automatically open your recent document after the successfull uploading of your photo. On the position of the caret you can then paste the url into your text.1
    The (yet) supported apps are: Blixt, Byword, Command-C, Day One, Drafts, Editorial, Felix, Launch Center Pro, Netbot, OmniFocus, Riposte, Tumblr, Tweetbot and Twitterrific.

  • Default Format
    • None
    • Default Image Tag
    • Markdown Link
    • HTML Image Tag
    • HTML Link
    • Plain URL

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  1. In case of a Markdown Link you have to add an exclamation mark (!) in front of the URL