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Rich Plain Text Notes  

Text by Gabe Weatherhead (MacDrifter)

Nothing against Evernote, but it’s just not on a trajectory I like anymore. It’s been a long time since I’ve used it on a daily basis so I decided it was probably time to finish my transition off of the platform.

For 90% of my stuff I have either plain text files or Pinboard bookmarks. But there’s still images, PDFs and even the occasional generic file. The hardest thing to replace was the Evernote rich text combination of images and text. I liked the ability to put an image in a note and add some context that was also searchable. It seemed impossible to reproduce this in a simple and flexible way, mostly because I was focused on the complexity of Evernote instead of the simplicity of Markdown.

When my myopia subsided I’d developed a simple and multi-platform method of creating rich text notes using Markdown. The key is to store the images in a sub-directory of my active note collection in Dropbox. My folder structure looks like /Dropbox/Notes/Reference/. Inside Reference I put anything that I want to use inside a Markdown note.

Get the whole article here.


Paste+: Clipboard Actions


With the introduction of iOS 8 there are a lot of new apps which will enhance your productivity.
Paste+ | Clipboard Action Widget by Avanio Labs is such an app and I use it now on a daly base on my iPad. It's essential an iPhone-app, but after installing and configuring the app, it works with no hassle1 on my iPad.

How to use the app?

After copying something from any app, e.g. Mail or Safari, you can open Notification Center and perform quick tasks with the clipboard content. You may also use the last screenshot/image saved in your photo library by pressing the camera icon in the widget.

Paste+ supports plain text, rich text, web links, and images (e.g. screenshot/web images). Due to performance issues, it does not support photos taken with a camera or images in large size.

Clipboard actions

After installing Paste+ you must activate the widget in your Today-screen of your Notification Center through the Edit-button below.
After copying a (rich)text, a link or an image, the widget will show your choice with an icon (see screenhots).
After tapping the icon, you will see the action-menu that you have set up before in the settings of the app.

  1. I have to admit that I had to activate the different possibilities (text, rich text, links and images) a couple of times, but after an update of the app the problems were over.